The Business of Expertise


David spent ca. 400 hours on the book, start to finish. Of that, 20% of the time was spent researching, 5% outlining, and only one-third on the actual writing. The remainder was managing the illustrations, revising, participating in the author photo shoot, laying it out, managing production, and undertaking the initial marketing.





The hard costs for the initial print run of 10,000 copies totaled $50,923. For every $1.00 of hard costs, 77¢ went to printing, 6¢ went to illustrations, 5¢ went to design, etc.









Bryn Mooth

Cincinnati, OH



Patrick Iadanza

New York, NY


Author Photo

Cameron Powell

Nashville, TN


Cover & Interior Design

Faceout Studios

Bend, OR



Phoenix Color

Hagerstown, MD


Author Assist

Corzo Añejo + Domaine de Canton + Agave 








Other Books
by David C. Baker

His first book was ghostwriting a book on the genetic underpinnings of seed corn.

His second book, a three-volume set, was entitled David C. Baker Speaks. It was published by NewPage and sold out of the first printing.

His third book, Managing Right for the First Time, is available at Amazon or ReCourses. Inc. Magazine reviewed the book as one of the Top 10 Books on Management of All Time.

His fourth book, Financial Management of a Marketing Firm, is available in print, or as an ebook. It is the only comprehensive resource for marketing firms in their own benchmarking work, and the ratios are licensed to various SaaS products to help in managing those firms.



David's Podcast

Co-hosted with Blair Enns

In each episode, David and Blair take turns interviewing each other on a particular theme, for 20-35 minutes. They both love working with entrepreneurial creatives and you’ll see their admiration bleed all over the conversation. You’ll also experience candor, disagreement, and admonition when appropriate.